When Does Helping Hurt?

There's nothing more exciting than seeing your child succeed. But when they fail, your words as a parent, coach or caregiver can have a lifelong effect. Our intention is to provide a voice for young athletes — to say what they can’t. And by reading the letters, we hope parents, coaches, and even young athletes use them as a catalyst for discussion to help start the conversation and #shutoutthestigma.

Not Good Enough

This documentary is an unflinching look at the challenges facing youth sports. Not Good Enough explores how the pressure of perfection can be detrimental to a youth athlete’s short and long-term mental health and also provides helpful solutions for change.

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Open Letter: I'm Scared to
Let You Down

Open Letter: I Don't Look Forward to Playing

Open Letter: Behind the Scenes

Ryan Lefebvre Shines a Light on Youth Sports

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< 3 years

The average child today spends less than 3 years playing sports 1

1 barefitness.fit


of lifetime mental health conditions begin by age 142

2 barefitness.fit/blog


of young people stop playing organized sports by age 133

3 yellowbrickprogram.com
Shutout the Stigma

Open Letter

All of that Criticism

"All of that criticism, all of that coaching I was gonna do in the car… all it was doing was ruining my relationship with my kids" – Todd Johnson

I'm scared to let  you down

"Dear Mom & Dad, I'm writing this because I don't know how to say it to you and I don't want to hurt your feelings..."

I Don't Look Forward to Playing

"Dear Mom & Dad, don't be mad at me but the way you yell at me when I play ball, it hurts..."

Get the Conversation Going

Our words as parents, coaches, and caregivers – and the pressures children feel in sports – are proving to have lifelong mental health effects. We must collectively do better. Use the Conversation Guide as a check-in with your young athlete, and start the conversation on your social channels to #shutoutthestigma.

Guide the Conversation

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